About CSG

CSG’s mission is to protect Jewish Life and the Jewish Way of Life.

Its duties include:

  • Providing highly trained volunteers to protect the Jewish community at Synagogues on Shabbat and Yom Tov
  • Protecting the Jewish community’s major events
  • Responding to security emergencies 24/7
  • Investigating antisemitic incidents
  • Training schools parents to protect the children at Jewish schools
  • Training commercial security guards at Jewish schools and other facilities
  • Providing security advice for Jewish community organisations and
  • Liaising with State and Federal Police to ensure the community is best protected

In Victoria, CSG is the body responsible for collecting and collating antisemitic incidents. This information is distributed to community partners, government and law enforcement, and is used to track racist sentiment towards the Jewish community. CSG works closely with Victoria Police and other government bodies in both information sharing and operational capacities.